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The Weekend

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It has almost been one full week since I arrived in North Carolina. Moving Day came and went without much fanfare. Though I had spent most of the summer preparing to move, the busyness of my last two weeks in Brooklyn — packing, running errands, tying loose ends, spending every available moment with friends and family and giving my boyfriend (otherwise known as Bae), who visited New York City for the first time last weekend, a whirlwind tour of the concrete jungle — kept me from documenting the days as I originally intended.

(That was an explanation for my brief absence from blogging, in case you — I mean y’all, I’m a Southerner now — missed it. Now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging.)

That busyness followed me all the way here, where my days are spent getting comfortable. Since Sunday, I’ve scored an apartment, gotten a new driver’s license and started the process to enroll my son, Bean, in school. I’ve had a very busy week and I’m grateful that it was also a productive one, but not nearly as grateful as I am for the weekend.

This weekend will be my first as a Charlottean. Tonight,I’m looking forward to unwinding with Bae and I think the Epicentre is the perfect place to do it. On Saturday, we’re going to the Southeast Crab Fest in Charlotte and watching the Alabama vs Texas A&M game at a bar afterward. On Sunday, I move into my new place and I get to explore my new local Target.

What are your weekend plans? Fill me in using #ReadySetCLT across social media! Got a suggestion for me? Send them to me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!





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