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Ready, Set, Weekend

This week marked one full month since Bean moved to North Carolina. 


In his first 30 days here, Bean has flourished in school and has already moved from the special education classroom setting he had spent his entire school life in to a general education classroom. To date, he has earned eight brag bands for various achievements at school and has completed 38% of his reading goal of 100 books. He has strengthened his love for gaming and found a new interest in robotics at the after school program he loves. He has made a bunch of new friends, many who helped him celebrate his 5th birthday a few weeks ago. He is an excellent helper at home, making sure to put away his belongings neatly and taking care of my boyfriends dog, Mason.

I’m practically bursting at the seams with pride and joy.

I didn’t need any more evidence that moving over 600 miles away from the only home he has ever known would be the best decision for our little family. But I sure am grateful to have it.

We’re spending most of the weekend at home, but we will not be having quiet nights in! Tonight, Bean is hosting his first slumber party. I have a night of pizza, snacks and games in store, and Advil on hand, just in case. Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with fellow Charlotte transplants for a light dinner at Midwood Smokehouse before heading home to greet friends from work who are coming over to hang out. I’ve been invited to brunch at Bistro la Bon on Sunday to celebrate a friends birthday. She specified that the affair was for ladies only. After spending all of my time for the last few weeks with my guys — including the dog — I am almost relieved!

In between all the fun we have planned, I’ll be brainstorming ideas and content for the blog. The plan is to fan this spark into a flame (Hamilton, the gift that keeps on giving. And its coming to Charlotte later this year!). If you have any ideas, please share them below!

What are your plans for the weekend ?

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