Ready, Set, March

By now, the novelty of new year has worn off and New Years’ resolutions have mostly been forgotten. Though, in my case, my closet full of ill-fitting clothes, unkempt nails and exhausted weekdays after just four or five hours of rest at night serve as constant reminders that I’m behind on the commitment I made to take care of myself this year.


My efforts have been inconsistent at best. I completed my annual wellness exams with various medical professionals in the last few weeks, but have yet to follow up and follow-through on the advice I received. I did buy a new pair of prescription glasses after my visit to the optometrist, but usually forget to wear them despite the blurred vision and headaches I experience; a problem I’ve had since the seventh grade (no, contacts are not an option for me). Two weeks ago, I took a much needed day off of work, my first since starting this job last October and last weekend, I got some much needed exercise on a family hiking trip. Though, I’m sure the McDonalds we ate on the way home offset the days worth of physical activity.

I’m recommitting to releasing weight and adopting a healthy, active lifestyle. Seriously, this time. My plan is to focus on improving how I treat my body and not only the number on the scale (though I’ll be celebrating every pound released!). By the end of this month, I will have eliminated junk food from my diet and exercised for at least three hours each week.

I’m kicking off my journey to a healthy, active lifestyle with a really fun Caribbean dance class this weekend. It has been on my to do list for months! Here’s what else I’m looking forward to this month:

CIAA // It’s CIAA weekend in Charlotte and the city is at fever pitch. Unsurprisingly, I’ve heard more about the parties and events happening across the city than I have about the actual basketball tournament. I plan to check out a little bit of everything, especially with Bean away visiting his grandparents this weekend (whoo hoo!).

A Wrinkle in Time // The classic children’s novel premieres in theaters this month and I wouldn’t miss seeing that powerful woman-led cast on screen for the world. I haven’t read the book before, but I will before seeing the movie!

Be Our Guest // My good friend from home is visiting me in Charlotte this weekend and my sister and brother-in-law are visiting later this month. I’ve missed them all so much and I’m grateful that we get to connect in person instead of over the phone for a change. I’m counting down the days until my sister gets here. Not only will she dote on me and Bean, she’s taking Bean back to Brooklyn for a week while school is out on spring break! I plan to use my short break from parenting as a staycation, as in stay in bed for as long as I can. Kidding!

What are your goals for the month? Let me know in the comments below or using #ReadySetCLT across social media. Want to recommend something for us to see or do in Charlotte this month? Send them over on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

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  1. I have to recommit myself to my goals each month or they disappear. And I am not the best at it, admittedly. But its a new month and we can slay our goals.

  2. cassiethemom says: Reply

    I really need to get back to my goals. I had a good January then when my birthday came around in February everything went downhill.

  3. I need to focus on this kind of goal.. to exercise! Being mom of three boys is just crazy! lol

    1. I can only imagine!

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