Ready, Set, Weekend

Ready, Set, Weekend

I thought the groundhog was mistaken when he predicted six more weeks of winter last month and we were treated to record highs here in Charlotte. But as it turns out, he was right after all. While I was grateful to have missed the Nor’easter that hit my friends and family back in New York this week, I’m not thrilled at all about having to pull out my heavy coat again. Thankfully, signs that spring is near are all across the city.

This week, I jumped headfirst into getting my health goals back on track and the results have been immediate. As of this morning, I’m down three pounds! What’s working? Preparing meals at home, increasing my daily water intake and dancing!

Tonight, Avon and I have a date at Mindfull Escapes, an escape room in Matthews. It’s a first for both of us and based on feedback from other couples, we’re in for a great time. After that, I’m hoping that we’ll have enough time for dinner at Me Pueblo, another first for us, before we pick Bean up from his play date. On Saturday, Avon has some fun activities to do with Bean in mind while I attend a blogger event and on Sunday, we’re going to a christening, followed by brunch. I’ve wanted to eat at Kid Cashew since I started following them on Instagram. Word is that kids eat for free!

What are your weekend plans? Fill me in below or using #ReadySetCLT across social media! Got a suggestion? Send them to me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

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