10 Fun Things to Do in Charlotte This Spring

It’s officially spring and though the weather in Charlotte hasn’t quite caught on yet, I’m more than ready to embrace the new season and the possibilities (and the warm weather!) that it brings.

This spring, I get to celebrate a major milestone: the six month anniversary of my move to Charlotte. I plan to take advantage of the occasion (and the warmer weather) by getting to know my new home even better through these 10 events and activities:

Fall 2017 Goals

Attend the Charlotte Spring Fair // I can count the amount of times I’ve been to a fair on two fingers; that includes the trip Avon and I took to the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh when I moved here last October. I had so much fun (and funnel cake!), but couldn’t help but think of how much fun Bean would have had too if he was with us. Now that he is with us, we’ll get to share the experience with him and we don’t have to wait until the fall or travel more than an hour away to do it! And did I mention there would be funnel cake?

Tour the botanical gardens // I’m in awe of the blooming flowers and trees here (can you tell by my Instagram?). They’re unlike anything I saw back home in Brooklyn. I would love to learn more about North Carolina’s native plants and of course, photograph them. According to Charlotte’s Got A Lot‘s list of 101 Fun Things to Do in Charlotte, I’ll have my pick with the Daniel Stowe Botanical GardenMcGill Rose GardenWing Haven Gardens & Bird Sanctuary and UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens all in the city.

Surprise Avon with a creative date // During the spring season, Avon and I both celebrate birthdays (his is nine days before mine), as well as our dating anniversary. I cannot wait to plan something special for him. My loyal, supportive and very handsome boyfriend actually reads this blog (#heyboo) so I won’t share what I have in mind. But this list offers some pretty great ideas.

Explore the great outdoors // We had a lot of fun hiking in Crowders Mountain State Park and I declared to do more outdoor activities. The U.S. National Whitewater Center offers both land and water activities for all skill levels. That’s perfect for newbies like us!

#FoodTruckFridays // Food trucks are pretty common in New York City, but Food Truck Fridays seem to be exclusive to Charlotte. I’ve started seeing advertisements for Food Truck Fridays in several neighborhoods, including my own. Maybe we can taste some local fare and visit a new neighborhood as as added bonus. South End, anyone?

Learn a new skill // My DSLR camera has spent more time tucked away in my closet than it has in my hands, simply because I’ve never taken the time to learn how to use it. Until now. I’m actively looking for an in-person photography class to level up. I’ve been eyeing the courses at SkillPop,  which offers bite-sized, focused classes on a wide range of subjects taught by local experts, for my chance.

Try an alternate mode of transportation // I’ve mentioned how driving everywhere has impacted my lifestyle (and my waistline!). This spring, I plan to increase my activity levels by leaving my car and home and finding other ways to get around. Public transportation in Charlotte may not be as extensive as public transportation in New York City, but it could be one day. In fact, the LYNX Blue Line expansion opened last week, taking Charlotteans from 7th Street Station in Center City through the NoDA (North Davidson) and University areas. Add the walking that I’ll be doing while exploring new neighborhoods and I should be down a few dress sizes…eventually.

Spend a day in Freedom Park // As part of my goals to get active and spend time outdoors, I’m planning to explore Charlotte’s local parks. I’ve heard about Freedom Park a lot. With 98-acres of athletic fields, playgrounds, walking trails and a 7-acre lake, there’s plenty for the whole family — including our dog, Mason, to do!

Have a family photo shoot using the Queen City as our background // I’ve gotten used to being behind the camera, but at least once this spring, I’d like to be on the other side of the lens. Rather than take stiff portraits with generic backgrounds at a studio, I want to hire a lifestyle photographer to capture authentic photos of us in action around the city.

Decorate at least one room in my apartment // While I already feel at home here in Charlotte, my apartment still has a long way to go before it looks like the home I always dreamed of. One area that could use some attention is the outdoor patio, especially since I plan to spend as much time outside enjoying the warm weather as I possibly can.

So, what do you think? Got a suggestion or three for me to add? Ready, set, comment below!



  • raising2boyswithbooks

    Great list of ideas that can apply to many cities! We have something called “First Friday” here in Indianapolis, and things like that are a great way to get out and involved in your community! Thanks for sharing!!

  • alissandjoel

    I visited North Carolina as a kid once, and I LOVED It! This post inspired me to take my kids there one day! Do you think it’ll be worth it to take my kids there this summer when they’ll be almost 2 years old and about 6 months old, or should I wait until they are older?

  • itisreal777

    There is a large botanical garden in Beijing. I like to take my daughters there during spring. The flowers are so pretty. Is there a good zoo in Charlotte? A trip to the zoo is also on muni Spring to-do list.

  • itisreal777

    I also really enjoy being outdoors during the Spring season. There is a large botanical garden in Beijing. I like to take my daughters there during spring. The flowers are so pretty. Is there a good zoo in Charlotte? A trip to the zoo is also on muni Spring to-do list.

  • Amanda Dover

    My husband is from Belmont so we are in the Charlotte area fairly often. So much fun stuff there. We have been to Crowder’s Mountain a few times! It is lots of fun!

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