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Ready, Set, April

I’m back today after taking a brief break from blogging to troubleshoot updates to the site. The self-taught route takes more time and patience than I thought, but knowing that what I’m creating is a direct result of my own efforts makes this project all the more rewarding. I’m not quite ready to be back, as there’s still plenty of work to be done before the site looks the way that I want it to (or at least, presentable), but I know there’s no better time than now.

This month, I get to celebrate two milestones: my 31st birthday and the six month anniversary of my move to Charlotte (move-iversary?). I still get plenty of questions about the moving process and with six months post-move under my belt, I’m ready to answer them. I’m thinking about starting a new series on the blog to talk all about moving and hopefully, inspire someone to make the move themselves.

Hmm, Make the Move Mondays has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

Here’s what else I’m looking forward to this month:

Where Brooklyn At? // Bean is spending spring break with our family in Brooklyn. He was overjoyed about going back to visit and even said that he would not return to Charlotte, preferring that Avon and I come to Brooklyn too instead. Thankfully, he changed his mind (after I dissolved into a fit of fake tears) and I’ll be going to pick him up this weekend as previously planned. It won’t be my first visit home since I moved away, but it will be my first time visiting since I’ve gotten settled and started feeling at home in Charlotte. I wonder, will my old home still feel like home?

Our spring bucket list // Last month, I shared a list of 10 fun things to do in Charlotte this spring and I’ve been excitedly making plans to complete them all. So far, I’ve taken a photography class at the Little Nest Portraits studio in Waverly (and got some serious neighborhood envy) and scheduled a family photo shoot in Freedom Park. We’re planning to go to the Charlotte Spring Fair when Bean and I return from Brooklyn, but before that, I need to confirm plans for Avon’s birthday next week. I’m still aiming to surprise him with a creative date, but could use some help brainstorming. What’s the most creative date you’ve been on? Let me know below!

Designing my life // Have you heard of lifestyle design? It’s the practice of creating, or designing, your ideal life and living it on your own terms. I started researching the term after I discovered Lavendaire and it led me to the library to check out Tim Ferris’ The 4 Hour Workweek, also known as the Bible in the lifestyle design community. I spent more time learning about lifestyle design than working on the blog during my hiatus and was surprised by how reinvigorated I felt with each new piece of information, until it dawned on me that I had found what I’ve been looking for: a name for the journey that I’m on and a direction to take my blog. I’m more excited than ever and I can’t wait to share all that I’m learning.

What are your goals for the month? Let me know in the comments below or using #ReadySetCLT across social media. Want to recommend something for us to see or do in Charlotte this month? Send them over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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