1,000+ Moms Share What They Really Want this Mother’s Day

Gift giving can be the most stressful part of any holiday or occasion, especially when the recipient is someone extra special. To make surprising your Mom with a gift she loves on Mother’s Day easy for both of you, I asked over 1,000 of my mom friends on Facebook what they really wanted this Mother’s Day. Here’s what a few of them had to say*:

  1. Feed me.
  2. Mani/pedi and a bottle of wine.
  3. I want them to clean the apartment and leave me alone to enjoy it. With food. And snacks.
  4. Professionally landscape my lawn.
  5. Food and sleep.
  6. To clean up their own mess in our home. That’s it, that’s all. Like permanently. Stop making me responsible for EVERYTHING.
  7. A finished dissertation.
  8. Time to play The Sims.
  9. Nothing. As a mother, I already have the gifts I prayed for.
  10. A clean house, my car detailed, a good meal that I don’t have to cook, my daughter’s hair washed and combed, a nice three hour nap.
  11. New tires.
  12. A break…from everyone!
  13. A mani/pedi, glass of wine and a nap.
  14. Sleep.
  15. Decorate my home, lawn and all.
  16. An Apple Watch or Fitbit.
  17. Complete alone time…no kids, no Bae, no school, no friends…just me and my MacBook.
  18. Just leave me the heck alone!!
  19. I’m going on a girls’ trip to Charleston. So, I get what I always want: time away.
  20. Picnic or time outdoors with family then time by myself at the movies, mall and having some drinks.
  21. Salmon, mashed potatoes, and green beans and a new brooch. Oh and some new shoes.
  22. I want to be pampered with a day that is all about me and what I want.
  23. I don’t want my kid. Is that bad??
  24. Salmon croquettes, rice and corn. A nap. A pedicure.
  25. I want a small, vanity desk/area where I can put all of my hair, perfume, jewelry stuff so my effing family will stop messing and moving my stuff. Basically, I just want my family to leave my shit alone!
  26. A clean home, a glass of wine, and sleep for 48 hours.
  27. A check for $20K.
  28. Eat crabs all day.
  29. To be pampered and a day or two away.
  30. Someone to clean my house!!!!!
  31. Peace and quiet.
  32. Wine. Lots of wine.
  33. An all expenses paid trip to Aruba.
  34. A free day!
  35. Time to myself.
  36. A trip to Ghana.
  37. To see my son!
  38. To see another Mother’s Day and spend every available moment with my Grand Prince and  Princesses.
  39. I want a REAL piece of jewelry!
  40. I would like my car detailed with an oil change and a larger dining room table with no illustrations added by children.
  41. Sleep!
  42. A catered dinner with a bottle of wine and flowers. And the peace to enjoy it alone!
  43. A man qualified for the Husband role and a really nice date.
  44. The AC fixed in my car.
  45. $20,000.
  46. I just wanna be left alone.
  47. Peace, quiet, food.
  48. A purse and dinner.
  49. A long nap.
  50. A child free vacation. Some food would be nice. Ohhh, maybe 98,972,973 dollars and a nice pair of shoes.
  51. Vacation.
  52. A divorce.
  53. A day…TO MYSELF.
  54. Some money or a new Sealy mattress.
  55. Unlimited airline mileage for the next 5 years. Could also throw in a driver. Work a half day with full pay for next 5 years. Not much at all.
  56. A massage.
  57. Child laborers to put my vegetable garden in. The vegetable plants, some flowers, the garden dirt. So a trip to Lowe’s. And a drink to hold while they do it. Oh and a wide brimmed hat. Forehead got a little tight after all the sun last year. Maybe some music?
  58. A glam squad.
  59. A body double for photographs that I actually manage to be in.
  60. Me time…..Hair, nails, wine, food and peace.
  61. Some nice pajamas.
  62. Money will do just fine.
  63. To have all my children home at once.
  64. To be off duty for a full week straight.
  65. Ice cream at Baskin Robbins.
  66. My kids to get out of my pocketbook.
  67. $1,000,000.
  68. Sleep.
  69. A new vehicle.
  70. Breakfast, a new fluffy robe and everyone to leave me alone.
  71. Kendra Scott earrings.
  72. Child support payments.
  73. A weekend to myself.
  74. A professional massage.
  75. A time machine.
  76. To sleep.
  77. Debt paid.
  78. For the family to go to church together, brunch in the country, and an eye to hand to hand interaction where my husband expresses the details of his gratitude for me.
  79. Brunch.
  80. Peace.
  81. Uninterrupted sleep after a 30 minute run.
  82. Diamond earrings.
  83. Seafood feast at home.
  84. A new bag and sleep
  85. A nice meal with my family, then time alone.
  86. To be alone all day then a hot bubble bath at night with some [sex] afterward.
  87. I wanna go to [a] spa.
  88. I just want to snuggle my babies all day…until they start fussing and then I will suddenly need to go to the grocery store for five hours.
  89. To not have to pay one single bill this month.

Tell me what gift(s) you’re giving or what you really want for Mother’s Day in the comments below. Or tag #readysetclt on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

*Responses have been edited for clarity.


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