The New Tradition We’ll Do This and Every Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I’ve been in a reflective mood. I’ve learned so much in the last five years about myself as a woman and as a mother and even more about my son, Bean. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching his personality develop and discovering the person he’s becoming. I thought about how well I’ve gotten to know this not-so-tiny human over the years and wondered how well he has gotten to know me.  So, I asked Bean to complete the following sentences to find out how much he knows, or thinks he knows, about me:

Me: My mom is blank years old.

Bean: My mom is 17 years old! (Uh…not quite, but not too far off from )

Me: My mom likes to…

Bean: Eat McDonalds! (true — and I’m not ashamed about it!)

Me: My mom’s job is to…

Bean: To go to work! (yes, yes it is)

Me: My mom says…

Bean: Stop driving me crazy! (no, but I’m glad he can’t quickly recall anything I’ve said to him out of frustration)

Me: I like to blank with my mom.

Bean: I like to play with my mom! (aww…)

Me: My mom’s favorite thing is…

Bean: To do what she wants to do! (damn right, kid!)

Me: I love when my mom…

Bean: Takes care of Mason and me! (say it with me this time, aww…)

Turns out, my son knows me pretty well! At least he knows what my favorite fast food restaurant is and that I love to do what I want to do! I had so much fun doing this short  activity with him that I think I’ll make this an annual Mother’s Day tradition. It will be fun to track how his answers (and my age!) change as he gets older. Visit Totally the Bomb to download the activity and do it with your child(ren) this Mother’s Day!

What’s the funniest thing your child(ren) thinks they know about you?


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