Ready, Set, Weekend

Ready, Set, Weekend

We met on Facebook may not be the most common beginning to a love story (though, it may be now that Facebook has announced plans to launch a dating service), but that’s how our story begins. Back in September 2016, a mutual friend, who I also “met” on Facebook, introduced Avon and I to each other via Facebook Messenger. On Saturday, we get to celebrate our first anniversary as a couple.

To mark the occasion, we’re going to recreate our first date at Boardwalk Billy’s on the Boardwalk in the University Area. Though I’ll admit, I wouldn’t mind if we didn’t stick too closely to those plans. Charlotte is full of tasty eateries and I’m impatiently waiting to try them all. Here are five restaurants in Charlotte I’m dying to go to:

Fahrenheit // Maybe not a good idea, since I’ll probably be too obsessed with the stunning views of Charlotte this popular Uptown restaurant offers to eat anything or pay much attention to my date. 

The Melting Pot // Honestly, they had me at melted cheese. 

Custom Shop // I don’t know about this barbecue octopus everyone raves about. But if you don’t have the barbecue octopus, did you even go to Custom Shop?

Boudreaux’s Louisiana Kitchen // Lousisiana. Enough said. 

The Fig Tree // I heard this restaurant has been the site of the most engagements in Charlotte. *wink, wink*

I also wouldn’t mind if Avon and Bean brought me a meal to go from any of these restaurants on Mother’s Day. Because I’m not planning to leave home at all on Sunday and this couch potato needs — no, expects! — to be fed and watered.

What are your weekend plans? Let me know below or tag #ReadySetCLT on FacebookTwitter or Instagram! Want to suggest a cool event? Send them to me at readysetcharlotte[@] Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!


  • Jenny

    We try to recreate our first date on our dating anniversary too! My parents still do so after 44 years of marriage :). It’s a great tradition to start – even if you don’t follow it to a T. That food all looks delicious as well, so I would surely be trying new places too!

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