What It Really Means to Go for It

During a staff meeting at work last week, my manager announced that a colleague on our team had officially resigned. My eyes widened as she shared his plans to pursue his passion, trading penny stocks online, full-time. We all knew about his stock market side hustle and whispered about it extensively, from criticizing his blatant abuse and disregard of company time and policy while checking stock news at his desk during work hours to marveling at his rumored earnings of at least $2500 per day. The few of us who chatted with him on the rare occasion that he wasn’t glued to his computer or phone knew about his dream of leaving the corporate world someday; so while the announcement of his resignation wasn’t a total surprise, the timing certainly caught us off guard. No one expected him to quit working after only two months on the job. Or maybe, we just didn’t believe that he could.

While my colleagues murmured their congratulations, I struggled to contain my joy. Not because I didn’t enjoy working with him (truthfully, I didn’t. Have you ever worked with someone who was obviously disengaged from the work? Not fun.), but because he was going for it. Really going for it, without asking permission, seeking agreement or having any evidence to how it would turn out. I was thrilled, both for him and for myself. Thanks to his courage, I got the encouragement, and maybe even the permission, that didn’t realize that I needed until then to keep going for my own dreams.

Last year, I declared that I would earn a six-figure salary from a location independent career by 2020. I decided to pursue a career as a lifestyle blogger because, if I’m honest, it seemed like a good idea. Enough people had told me that I had the personality of a blogger and even more were surprised that I hadn’t been blogging for years already. I had always dreamed of being an influential writer and had plenty of thoughts about life and the way we lived it to share. Throw in a little talent with my camera, how hard could it be?

Pretty damn hard.

The heavily edited, brightly filtered photos on Instagram usually don’t tell the full story of the late nights after long days, self-imposed anxiety inducing deadlines, creative droughts and self-doubt that take so many out of the game before we start playing to win. I don’t have a category on my blog chronicling the many times I’ve considered quitting, but the radio silence between posts and the many blogs I’ve started and abandoned over the years clearly tell their own story. But while I was unknowingly on the verge of giving up again, my former colleague was about to change the course of his life. The difference between us? Our choices. I chose to stop working on my blog when the demands of creative entrepreneurship overwhelmed me, while he chose to keep going and eventually, reached his goal.

It’s our choices that determine our success. To go for it, really go for it, means to make a choice. It means to choose to attempt something so big that failure is guaranteed unless God steps in and to choose to keep going, especially when you want to choose not to. Choose to go for it and choose to keep going for it every day.

Thanks to my former colleague, I chose my blogging career again and shortly after, learned I had been nominated for a Leibster award*. Because when you make the right choice, God and the universe will affirm it.

*Thanks so much for your nomination, Susie! I’ll answer your questions in next week’s post!

5 Replies to “What It Really Means to Go for It”

  1. This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. ❤️

  2. I find that the best things in life happen outside your comfort zone. I always let my intuition guide me. I’d rather do that then always wonder “what if?”

  3. Sometimes people who are goal-getters can be intimidating but surrounding yourself with these kind of people will also help you move and get going. Continue to go for it, may it be at your own pace or with a help of some push from other people.

  4. I LOVE this post and your honesty! I blogged for years and it never took off. Abruptly, I stopped — partially due to life events, but mainly due to my own disappointment in myself and the blog. I recently started back up in February. I’ve made a few changes to how I blog and, while things are still starting off slowly, I’m seeing way more interaction on my page and posts than I ever had before. Thanks for the post. I needed to read this today!

  5. Yes I have started blogging again this is my last go for it and I’m determined to make it work thanks for the encouragement!

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