This is the First Thing You Should Do to Get Your Life Together

I’ve gotten used to the chaos that comes with trying to get my family out of the door on any given day, but last Saturday was exceptional. We were almost two hours late to a barbecue, despite me spending the better part of the morning making every effort to get us there on time. It wasn’t until we finally arrived that I realized I had forgotten a significant amount of the food that I was supposed to bring for the group, along with essentials for our trip to Columbia, SC later that day. We made the almost 40 minute drive back home to pick up the remaining food and items for our trip, with an added pit stop to drop our dog Mason off with Avon’s brother for the rest of the weekend. On the way back to the barbecue, Avon and I joked about how disorganized we were, but inside, I was boiling with frustration. “I have got to get my life together,” I said absently, replaying the days missteps in my mind. Avon shook his head in agreement.

So, how does one go about getting their life together? It starts with setting a clear in intention.

Intentions are the fundamental beliefs that influence our thoughts, feelings and actions. Unlike ogoal setting, which focuses on what we want to do and the results we plan to achieve in the future, intentions allow us to be present and mindful of who we want to be. Setting intentions creates an opportunity for us to identify our core values and cultivate experiences with them in mind.

I love using FWD Movement’s “I Am” Affirmation Deck to set intentions. After taking a few deep breaths to ground myself, I simply shuffle the deck and choose three cards face down, trusting that the cards I select will be what’s wanted and needed to propel me through the week ahead. After reading the cards, I repeat each of the affirmations a few times, noting the thoughts and emotions they inspire, while conjuring my own images of what they look like in action. Then, I slip the cards into my purse, for those moments when I need a reminder.

I’m serious about getting my life together – for real. I’m not sure what that looks like, but I intend to enjoy the process along the way. See what I did there?

Share some of your intentions and your intention setting routine below.



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