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These are the Goals that I’m Going to CRUSH this Summer!

Tomorrow is the first day of summer and I am beyond ready for a new season — but I’m not just talking about the weather. For the past several months, I’ve been so overwhelmed by everything that I have to and want to do, that I haven’t actually done much of anything. My frustration with my idleness has finally reached its breaking point. So when my mother, who came to town last weekend to escort Bean back to Brooklyn for the summer, told me to spend the next two months focusing on myself, I let her know that I was already ahead of her.

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This time last year, I was riding high following the end of a lifestyle design workshop, where I paid off more than $15,000 in credit card and student loan debt, saved almost $10,000, spent hundreds of hours performing meaningful volunteer work, lost almost 20 pounds, entered a romantic relationship with the love of my life and finally, get the process of transferring from Brooklyn to Charlotte started in under 90 days. Yes, 90 days!

Fast forward to today and I’ve gained more than double the weight I previously lost, spent more than my savings, which landed me in deeper debt than before and the most volunteering I’ve done this year was organizing a small celebration at work for our supervisor. The only successes I’ve been able to maintain is my relationship with Avon (though, not for much longer if he keeps drying his body with my face towel) and living in Charlotte (but let’s not mention my current debt to income ratio again).

With Bean in Brooklyn for the entire summer, I plan to spend the next 75 days intensely focused on myself and designing my dream life, as my mother suggested. By Labor Day weekend, I will have:

  • Had at least 10 friend dates with at least 10 friends
  • Reconnected with at least nine friends and family members that I haven’t spoken to in more than one month
  • Implemented a monthly spending budget and consistently adhere to spending limits
  • Earn at least $15,000 in additional income
  • Released at least $20,000 in student loan and credit card debt
  • Take at least one educational course
  • Published and promoted at least 40 posts on and generate at least $1,000 in additional income or comparable goods and services
  • Read at least eight books
  • Tracked at least one million steps on my FitBit
  • Prepared at least 180 healthy, home cooked meals
  • Decorated my home
  • Reconnected with Christ
  • Completed at least 25 of the 101 Fun Things to Do in Charlotte
  • Gained at least 10,000 followers combined across Read, Set, Charlotte’s online channels

I’ll be sharing my progress as well as the tools and tips I’m using to support myself along the way. In the meantime, let me know what you want to accomplish this summer?

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  • Khira

    I have to get back on my healthy eating lifestyle as well. I need a good cleanse/detox to kickstart. I also need to find ways to lower my debt. Those are my 2!

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