Ready, Set, Weekend

Going to the movies has never been my go-to for entertainment (because Cinematic Narcolepsy is apparently a real thing), so when I actually make plans to see a movie in theaters, it could only mean one thing: I really want to see this movie! Now, imagine my disappointment when I found out that a mandatory meeting after work conflicted with my plans to catch the one day only premiere of Crazy Rich Asians next week? I knew that even if I couldn’t make it to the theater, I could still purchase a ticket to show my support financially, but it was more important to me to go to the theater and enjoy the movie in person. Not only because it looked like a movie that I might actually enjoy, but because I want to do my part to help dispel the myth that people of color aren’t popular with mainstream audiences. It’s partially why I saw Black Panther in theaters twice (and stayed awake both times, thank you very much) and why I wouldn’t miss a chance to see Crazy Rich Asians. So when I found out that advanced screenings were available at select theaters here in Charlotte, I purchased tickets and made plans to enjoy a midweek date night with Avon. And boy did I enjoy it!

Crazy Rich Asians is, at its core, a tale as old as time; boy meets girl, boy brings girl home to meet his family, boy’s mom doesn’t like girl. But what makes it unique is the colorful cast of predominately Asian characters. Not stereotypical nerdy or kung-fu fighting Asians. Sexy, magnetic, multi-faceted and hilarious Asian characters. I can’t pinpoint a single favorite scene (though, when Rachel likens John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City to “salmonella and despair”, I could have fallen out of my reclined seat! But in my humble opinion, the writers should have said LaGuardia Airport, also in New York City, instead). What I enjoyed most about the movie was watching these characters defy limiting stereotypes and delight an equally colorful audience. I heard as many laughs coming from the white man next to me as I did from the Asian women in front of me.

Crazy Rich Asians is an excellent, feel good film with a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy. Do you plan to see it or have you already seen it? Let me know!

Have a great weekend!

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