Ready, Set, Weekend

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After applying to jobs all summer, Avon was finally offered a role at a well-known financial institution yesterday! To celebrate, I planned to surprise him with a meal from a restaurant that he had been dropping hints about visiting and a slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. I felt good on the way home. I was excited about Avon’s great news and the surprise I was sure would enjoy. I also felt hot, so I decided to pull off my wig. I was thinking about how to reveal the surprise when I glanced in the rearview mirror and noticed Avon’s car a few feet behind mine. I wish I could have recorded myself speeding up for a few seconds only to be forced to slow down by the speed bumps in our community all the way to our apartment. If it was hilarious to me while I was driving, I can only imagine how much more funny it would have been to watch in real time! When I finally made it home, I parked the car, grabbed the bags of food and ran inside to hide them. I was in such a rush that I forgot to lock the car doors or grab my purse and my wig! I laughed at myself as I stashed the take out containers in the microwave and the cheesecake in the freezer (because what if he wanted to grab a drink from the refrigerator?). By the time I made it back outside to retrieve my things, Avon had pulled into the parking spot next to mine and was watching me curiously. I explained that I had to use the bathroom, hoping to avoid any questions that might spoil the surprise. But of course, he just had to know how I ended up inside while my wig was outside and I couldn’t contain my laughter. We went inside and I caught my breath while he left again to walk our dog. We had another good laugh when Avon came back in and went to the freezer to grab a few ice cubes for his drink, totally busting me in the process.  But I still managed to get the last laugh and completely surprise him when I pulled out the take out containers.

Avon’s latest accomplishment wasn’t all we celebrated last night. We also celebrated all we got to accomplish this summer so far, from moving in together and starting pre-marital counseling to learning and practicing self-care. I’m especially proud of this blog and my first ever YouTube video. This is the most consistent I’ve ever been with creating and sharing content, thanks to self-care. Reflecting on the past few weeks was a great way to kick off the weekend, as it’s the last one we’ll spend alone before Bean returns next week. What’s even better is that we still have one more month of summer to enjoy and more goals we get to crush!

This weekend, we’re driving up to Baltimore, MD for Avon’s older sister’s wedding. I love meeting Avon’s friends and family. I also love that he already asked around for the best seafood restaurants!

Have a great weekend!

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