Ready, Set, Weekend

Bean is back and I can’t tell you how thrilled Avon and I are to have him home. It has been a non-stop love fest since he stepped off the plane yesterday. We even let him sleep in our bed last night, where he tossed and turned trying to cuddle with both of us. 

Reunited and it feels so good! 

Admittedly, we were a bit worried. My family, who Bean spent the summer with, can be very casual about disciplining him. For the last two months, I’ve heard accounts from all of the adults of hit epic tantrums, snarky retorts, past midnight bedtimes and way too many hours spent in front of a screen. But oddly enough, hardly any of those stories included how the adults disciplined Bean for misbehaving. Avon and I were expecting to have to tighten our reigns for a bit to get him back on course. But we were pleasantly surprised by how sweet and respectful he is. I’ve had to shoot him a look and raise my voice to remind him of the rules a few times, but even my mother said his behavior since he’s been home has been drastically different from what it was even right up until they deplaned in Charlotte. I’d say that’s a compliment to our solid parenting. Go us! 

The countdown to kindergarten is on! Bean flew into town just in time for the kindergarten open house at his new school. He got to visit his classroom, meet his teacher and a few of his classmates and get familiar with a new environment. I’m optimistic about this school year. He’s a smart child and I’m looking forward to watching him learn and grow.

This weekend will be all about getting ready for the first day of school and the first semester of the school year. I’ve already purchased his school uniform and school supplies. I’m thinking of recording him doing a school supply haul to share on our YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe and stay tuned to see Bean’s kindergarten year! 

Have a great weekend! 

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