Ready, Set, Weekend

Jumpsuit, Glasses and Sandals: Old Navy 

I saw another grasshopper yesterday. I spotted it on my windshield during my morning commute and by the grace of God, managed not to crash my car out of sheer terror. Just a day or two ago, I mentioned to Avon that we must have gotten the message they intended to deliver because we hadn’t seen anymore since the plague over the weekend. Jokingly, I shouted, “why, God?!” Then, it dawned on me that I had just been talking to Avon about how unmotivated I was about going to work. I remembered that during my morning prayer and meditation, setting the intention to quit my corporate job and work full-time as a creative entrepreneur by my next work anniversary was on the tip of my tongue. But, I hesitated to speak it out loud and into existence. I even struggled through sharing it with Avon when we chatted on the phone yesterday morning. That’s when I noticed the grasshopper. Smack dab on my windshield, in my line of sight, just off the exit before I arrived at my office building. I tried to get rid of the grasshopper, just like I tried to ignore the impulse to set an intention for my career, but that little gal* stayed with me well after I pulled into the parking lot and exited my car, eventually disappearing behind my side view mirror.

I shuddered at the thought of a grasshopper lying in wait to scare me at any moment. It brought to mind the times I’ve shuddered before at the thought of not pursuing my dreams. Before I took another step toward the building, I spoke my intention to quit my corporate job and work full-time as a creative entrepreneur by October 13, 2019 out loud and into existence. I’ve whispered this intention before, but this time, it feels different. It feels possible.

I plan to bask in this possibility all weekend. While Avon introduces Bean to his love of football at a game on Saturday, I’m going to stay home and work on a vision board and a business plan. I’m hoping that will move me forward and keep these grasshoppers away!

Have a great weekend!

*If you’re wondering how I know the grasshopper is a gal and not a guy, it’s because I made it up. And because I made it up, of course I had to look up what it could possibly mean. According to this site, feminine energy is about being, acceptance and receiving. Heck yeah I’m committed to being, accepting and receiving this possibility!


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