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28 Ways I Would Spend $1.6 Billion

Since there were no winners in last Friday’s Mega Millions drawing, the jackpot swelled to $1.6 billion. That’s when Avon and I decided to try our luck and purchase tickets. There’s a slim chance that we’ll actually win the grand prize, but we’re still having fun fantasizing about what we would do if we did. Here’s how I would spend $1.6 billion:

  1. Pay off my debt
  2. Pay off my family and friends’ debt
  3. Buy houses in Charlotte, NC and Brooklyn, NY
  4. Build a mansion in Jamaica for my family
  5. Build at least two residential apartment buildings in every major U.S. city, one of which will be reserved exclusively for low or no income families to live in rent free for up to two years while they get on their feet
  6. Retire my parents
  7. Establish college and trust funds for Bean, my nieces, nephew and god children
  8. Hire a multi-lingual au pair and private tutor to teach Bean everything
  9. Buy one of everything in my shade in Sephora, And Ulta. And Target.
  10. Treat my family and friends to a luxury shopping spree
  11. Hire a glam squad (hair stylist, makeup artist, nail technician, stylist)
  12. Tithe
  13. Recreate “Legends of the Hidden Temple” and beat Avon on date night
  14. Treat my mother to an Amazon shopping spree.
  15. Fund an “I’m going to watch Beyoncé perform live from the front row in [insert any city in the world] tonight because I can” account
  16. Clone myself (business on the left, party on the right!)
  17. Donate to several churches
  18. Hire Daniel Caesar to serenade us
  19. Take Bean, his entire kindergarten class and their families to Disney World
  20. Treat my oldest sister to a shopping spree at Michael’s
  21. Hire a photographer, videographer and a social media manager to share my best life on Instagram
  22. Establish a non-profit to support single parents
  23. Have another baby
  24. Take my family and friends on an all-expenses paid luxury vacation
  25. Move abroad
  26. Hire a personal trainer to work out for me
  27. Have lunch with Beyoncé
  28. Go on a Target shopping spree

And I bet I would still have some money left over to splurge on lunch at Chick Fil-A! Are you playing the lottery? What would you buy with your lottery winnings?

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