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I finally took down our Christmas tree over the weekend (and while you’re judging me, you should know that I only just paused to change the December 2018 calendar I had as the lock screen wallpaper on my phone, because I was judging myself). Laziness wasn’t the only, or even the most significant, reason why I left our Christmas decorations up almost one week into the new year. Frankly, I simply did not want to go back to sitting in my empty living room.

I’ve lived in my apartment for well over one year now and while it certainly feels like home, it definitely doesn’t look like it. Unless you count the piles of laundry and other random items strewn around that lets you know people, or maybe a pack of animals, live there. Decorating my own multi-room apartment was all I could think about whenever the close quarters Bean and I shared at my parents house back in Brooklyn started to feel unbearably close. But when I moved to Charlotte and into my own place, indecision and perfectionism followed. Overwhelmed by home décor inspo on Pinterest and underwhelmed by my budget, I began furnishing my apartment with just the bare necessities while I figured out my home aesthetic — and how I would afford it. A few months later, Avon moved in with his own sense of style and a strong desire ideas to make sure that his ideas and personality were also reflected in our new shared space. By strong desire, I mean we argued for almost two days over the color of the new bedding I bought to mark the occasion and what color shower curtain to hang in our master bathroom (apparently, not purple. Or floral). Our second attempt to redecorate was a lot more enjoyable and so was our bedroom after we worked together to make it ours.

Now that the three of us have settled in comfortably and Avon and I have one successful room redesign under our belts, we want to finish our apartment. One goal that we share is fully furnishing our apartment before the end of the year. It’s one of many steps we’re taking as part of our larger goal to prioritize our self-care. If there’s one thing I learned last year, its that self-care is much bigger than skin care and deep breathing. Decorating can be a comforting and creative experience and an act of self-care in its own right.

We’ve decided to create mood boards for each room together to blend our individual tastes and guide our future purchases. I started one for our living room on Pinterest. Check it out and send me a few ideas! I’m looking forward to sharing our progress as much as I’m looking forward to decorating!

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