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It’s been one of those weeks.

On Wednesday, I live blogged my day at home while my car was being repaired. On my way to work the following morning, my car broke down again, to the tune of $330 in additional repairs. As frustrating – and expensive – as this week has been, I still get to end this week on a high note. Here’s what I’m feeling good about this Friday:

  • Bean and I went to the dentist this week and while Bean got a great report (and a hilarious candid shot), I had to get some cavities filled. As uncomfortable as it was, I’m grateful for our health and even more grateful that I have the knowledge and the means to stay on top of it. Also, I paid for the out-of-pocket expenses in cash, thanks to all I’m learning about budgeting from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU). Dave would not be pleased to know that I did not take advantage of my company’s Flexible Spending Account (FSA) benefit this year but, I think he would be just as happy as I am that I’m not accruing more debt!
  • Speaking of FPU, before my car broke down, I was just $200 short of achieving baby step number one: saving $1000. Of course, the first repair estimate was just as much as the amount I already had in savings and after having to make a third and hopefully final repair, I’ve now spent close to everything I had saved. Even though I’m bummed about taking two steps back instead of one baby step forward, I am grateful that I had the cash readily available for the emergency without breaking my budget. I also feel really good about where and how I spent my money. I got three repairs for the price of one and got to support a Black-owned small business. I told my father about my car troubles and he blessed me with a financial gift that covered most of the last repair. Huzzah!
  • I got two days off of work this week, one planned for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday and the other because my car was being repaired. On Monday, I got to spend quality time with Avon and Bean individually and we all spent time together as a family. On Wednesday, I got some long overdue house cleaning done, including rearranging Bean’s furniture and giving his clothes the Marie Kondo treatment. Perfect segue to my next point…
  • I discovered the life changing magic of tidying up. Seriously. The KonMari method works. I’m planning a few posts about just how well its working for me.
  • When my car broke down on Monday, one of the co-directors at Bean’s after school offered me a ride if I ever needed one. I took her up on her offer when my car broke down again yesterday morning. She picked me up and thanks to my manager offering me extra time to get to work, I was able to treat her to breakfast at IHOP. I’m so grateful to have support here in Charlotte. A lack of support is what held me back from moving for years, so to have people here that I can rely on feels amazing.
  • On Monday, Avon and I had an appointment with our couples therapist. We started seeing her last summer, but couldn’t keep up with our sessions when Bean returned home from summer break. Though it had been some time and we’ve had some issues since our last session, it felt good to laugh at ourselves while we caught our therapist up to speed on the mountains we made out of molehills and, to realize that we did make mountains out of molehills. Our session reconfirmed just how great of a team we are.
  • My cousin, a furloughed federal employee, posted on Facebook about needing groceries. I was able to send her some money, again, without breaking my budget!
  • I had Chick-n-Minis for breakfast this morning!
  • It’s Friday!

Often at the end of a long week, I can only recall all of the things that went wrong or the moments I felt upset. I’ve done this easy self-care activity before and I’ll continue to keep it in my self-care repertoire. I love it because it allows me to challenge my negative thinking, which created more positive results and filled me with connection, joy and gratitude.

What are you feeling good about today, friends? Let me know below. Have a great weekend!

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