All I Want for Christmas | Blogmas Day 14

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I scrolled past an advertisement for gift wrapping services (discounted if you supply your own wrapping paper) on Facebook this morning and two thoughts immediately came to mind. First, you really can turn anything into a side hustle and then, people are already wrapping gifts and I have yet to even start shopping!  

Gift giving is not my love language and that’s probably the reason why I always wait until the last minute to do my holiday shopping. I’m not always eager to purchase a gift someone specifically asks for, especially if it threatens my budget. Even if I know a person well enough to know their likes and dislikes, I still stress over whether my gift will be appreciated. And while I’m grateful to receive gifts, I’m just as happy without them (my love language is Words of Affirmation. Feel free to write me a heartfelt card!). Honestly, I’d love to do away with gift giving at Christmastime altogether and instead, make memories on a family vacation. I’m excited that we get to do that this year when we travel home to New York for Christmas. But, between Secret Santa and White Elephant gift exchanges and spotting items I just know someone will love, gift giving seems unavoidable. One day though, I’ll break those chains. Until then, I better get to it!

I have some gifts ideas in mind for Avon and Bean, but as usual, I have no clue what to get anybody else. This weekend, I’m planning to check out the Aerie and Girl Tribe Pop Up Shops here in Charlotte to find some gift inspiration and at least start my Christmas shopping, if not complete it by the end of the weekend (fingers crossed!). I’m really looking forward to the Girl Tribe Pop Up Shop. Girl Tribe’s mission is to support and foster community around women owned businesses, which is a mission I also want to support. I’m also interested in shopping small and getting to know and support Charlotte businesses and retailers.

Have you started or finished your Christmas shopping? What’s your take on gift giving? Charlotte friends, will you be at either pop up shop? Let me know below!

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