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Deck the Halls | Blogmas Day 12

I never thought I had much of an eye for design, so when I stepped back to see the results of an afternoon spent decorating our living room for Christmas, I was very surprised. Very pleasantly surprised.

I can’t get over how good our living room looks! I love everything about it!

We got all of our decorations from Michael’s. Avon and I talked briefly about our individual ideas for our overall vision, but we’ve learned that jumping in and working together from the outset yields beautiful results for us. We spent the afternoon shopping, then went home, started our Christmas playlist and got to work!

Decorating took no time at all and we’re still coming up with ideas! Just last week, I changed the curtains in the living room from beige to red and Avon decided to light the fireplace for the first time. I’ve never had a fireplace before and can probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen one in person in my life. I was delighted by the idea of having one in my apartment, but only intended to use it as decoration out of fear that I would accidentally light the entire building on fire! When Avon first suggested lighting it, I was apprehensive, but agreed out of curiosity. I loved it! Not only is the fireplace even more beautiful when its lit, the fire adds a coziness to the living room that we all really enjoy. It really looks and feels like Christmas now!

By the way, that fourth stocking everyone keeps asking about? It’s for our dog, Mason. 

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