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Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer | Blogmas Day 20

Since the beginning, it’s been just me and Bean. Being a single parent hasn’t been easy, but our village has never let us down. Every year, we show our appreciation with a Christmas card. Taking family photos at Christmastime has become one of my favorite holiday traditions and now that Avon is in the picture, well…actually, that’s still to be determined.

I mentioned using a photo of the three of us for this years Christmas card to my mother and she advised against it, since one, we aren’t married and two, I also send cards to Bean’s paternal family. I can understand her point, but everyone I plan to send a card to us well aware of our almost two year relationship and our intentions for it, including Bean’s paternal family. Plus, its 2018! Marriage isn’t required to be a family. They say mother knows best, but what say you? Is it acceptable for a dating couple to send out a Christmas card together or should Christmas cards be reserved for engaged couples at the very least?

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  • Khira

    I think excluding him from the family holiday photos is unfair. He is your family.. so he shouldn’t be treated like an outcast. To your mom’s point of the card being shared with the paternal side of the family: it’s possible to have a two sided card — 1 side with just Baen and 1 side with 3 different pictures with just Baen, you and Baen & then the three of y’all in a really casual fashion. Just my 22 cents. But honestly.. at some point, you all will be a (legally wedded) family & they’ll have to accept that. Can’t go around shielding people’s emotions forever.

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