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Hello 2019

I love the beginning of a new year. If you ask me, this is
truly the most wonderful time of the year, when the world is alive with hopeful anticipation. No dream is too big, no goal is too small and the possibilities for the year ahead are endless. I spent the last several days sifting through my own big dreams for the year ahead and compiling a mental list of declarations — not resolutions — that I’ve already seen come to fruition, thanks to serious daydreaming.

Serious daydreaming is a powerful meditation exercise by wellness expert Shelah Marie. On her Meditation Mixtape, Shelah shares how serious daydreaming, or creative visualization, can unlock the innate guidance, intelligence and intuition we often ignore and provide the tools we need to create the life we want. “When you unlock [your] imagination, you open your perception,” says Shelah. “When you open your perception, you change your thoughts and beliefs. When you change your thoughts and beliefs you change your actions. And when you change your actions, you change your reality.”

Here’s how serious daydreaming works:

Ground and center // Start with a deep breathing exercise to ground and center yourself.

Isolate the issue // Is there a specific area of your life that you would like to improve? Are you faced with a problem? Bring that to the forefront of your mind.

Find your twin self // Your twin self is the future version of yourself who has not only solved your issue, but mastered it.

Obtain information // Your twin self has all the answers you need. Pay attention to the thoughts, feelings that your twin self has that you are currently missing. Conjure up those feelings on your own and vibrate on their frequency to create their reality in your reality.

Journal // After the meditation, write down everything you saw, experienced and felt during the exercise.

I usually share a short list of things that I’m looking forward to in a given month, but today, I’ll share a few things that my twin self has already accomplished in my serious daydreams:

Earned at least double her current salary as a full-time blogger and influencer
Released at least 60 pounds
Traveled internationally at least once
Read at least 24 new books
Landed at least three interviews with reputable, popular outlet
Met Beyoncé

What an exciting year!

If you’re interested in giving serious daydreaming a try or if practicing meditation is one of your declarations for the new year, check out the Meditation Mixtape. In the meantime, share some of your serious dreams for 2019 with me below.

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