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I took the day off of work today to nurse a cold that I got from Bean, who I think got it after an afternoon play date at the indoor playground at Chick Fil-A. I felt the first tickle in the back of my throat last Wednesday and attacked it with cold medicine right away. I hoped that I would be on the mend by the weekend, but as it turns out, the party was just getting started. I spent the entire weekend either on the couch or in bed, cuddling with a box of Kleenex. As a result, I didn’t prepare a blog post ahead of time, but I still wanted to publish something — if for no other reason than to maintain my publishing streak (I think this is the first time I’ve ever met my personal goal of publishing at least 12 posts each month and I’m so happy!). So I thought it would be fun to share a candid, personal update on life behind the scenes of the blog: 

Being sick makes me cherish the simpler times when I could breathe out of both nostrils and have a conversation without a fit of coughs. I regret all the times I didn’t take advantage of my good health and as such, I’ve been making all sorts off outlandish plans to hit the ground running as soon as I can sit up straight. So far, I’m going to work out twice a day, adopt a vegan diet, redesign my entire online footprint, decorate my apartment, revamp my wardrobe and become the next YouTube beauty guru, as soon as I make it to Target. Clearly, I’m hallucinating. 

I’m nothing short of miserable when I’m sick, but Bean doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I don’t know why our military bothers with guns and bombs. They should just expose enemies to children. Their germs are weapons of mass destruction. 

I’m not usually a big TV watcher, but I’ve been keeping up with and getting blown away by several shows this season. My favorites are Manifest, This Is Us, A Million Little Things and my sister just told me to watch All-American. I love the authenticity and vulnerability in these shows. The story lines are fantastic! Of course, I’m all caught up on everything and now I have nothing to watch while I’m home today. Boo!

I’m somewhere in between wanting to get my financial house in order and wanting to treat myself (see above). How do style and beauty bloggers do both? Do they even try? Would you want to see budget and personal finance content on the blog? 

Speaking of blogging, I’ve been toying with a few ideas for the blog. First, I want to change the name of the blog to my own name. Second, I’ve learned a lot in the few weeks since I’ve started growing my Instagram account and pursuing a career as a digital influencer. I’d like to start sharing my knowledge and experiences, both to help anyone else on the same path and to keep a record of my own progress and achievements. Is that something you would be interested in reading?

I think I’m going to watch Love, Simon today. I see it on display every time I’m in Target and just yesterday, I read an article with the most beautiful quote from the movie. Has anyone seen it?

I’m hosting my teenaged god son in Charlotte over Veterans Day Weekend. What do teenagers like? I have no idea! 

I could use a recommendation for a good book. Nothing I’ve picked up lately has been able to keep my attention. Drop your recommendations below!

That’s all for now, I think. Maybe I’ll keep updating this post with random thoughts from my sick day. Or maybe I’ll go back to bed. 

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