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These are the 19 Goals I’m Going to CRUSH in 2019

I ususally spend the first few days of January writing my list of New Year’s resolutions, but this year, I decided to save my goals for last. I spent the first few weeks of the new year carefully considering who I wanted to be and what I hoped to have by the end of it. I thought a lot about what I would need to do to get the me that I wanted to be the tangible results she desired. Then, I wrote it all down.

A few of these goals are already in progress and have achieved some degree of success. Most of these goals I’ve already quit and some of those goals I’ve recommitted to. The sheer audacity of many of these goals makes me feel sick to my stomach with nervousness and reinvigorated all at once.

These are the 19 goals I’m going to crush this year:

  1. Celebrate family and friends with a phone call or a small gift on their birthdays and other momentous occasions.
  2. Create an open, loving and authentic connection with Avon’s family by participating in at least five one-on-one or group activities. 
  3. Earn at least $50,000 in additional income.
  4. Release at least $30,000 in student loan and credit card debt.
  5. Save at least $4,000 in various sinking funds for upcoming expenses.
  6. Obtain a position in the creative arts earning at least $50,000 annually.
  7. Transform into a bold, authentic, creative lifestyle brand earning at least $30,000 per year in cash or complimentary gifts.
  8. Grow a combined following of at least 35,000 across all social channels.
  9. Complete at least 700 hours in educational classes.
  10. Read at least 25 books.
  11. Release at least 65 pounds.
  12. Exercise for at least three hours each week.
  13. Go on at least one beach vacation. 
  14. Revamp my wardrobe to create a bold, authentic, sexy and attractive aesthetic.
  15. Reduce my screen time to less than four hours per day.
  16. Decorate our home with an open, joyful, loving, connected and peaceful aesthetic.
  17. Participate in at least 50 of the 101 Fun Things to Do in Charlotte.
  18. Go on at least one road trip to a new city in North Carolina.
  19. Go on at least one road trip to a new city within four hours of North Carolina.

What are your 2019 goals? Let me know below!

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