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Tramayne Osbourne’s Day Off

I’m stuck at home today after my car stalled on me and left me stranded on the highway. I complained to Avon about being stuck at home all day with nothing to do and then I realized, there’s plenty to do! I love taking a peek into peoples everyday lives and thought it would be fun to invite you into mine. Also, I’m counting on you to hold me accountable to actually getting things done today. I’ll be sharing updates here periodically (because while my co-workers do follow me on social media, I don’t think they actually read my blog, ha ha!), so be sure to check back to see what I’m up to!

7:45 AM: The guys are finally out of the door. I take advantage of my day off to make breakfast. How are we almost out of eggs? I just went grocery shopping last Thursday!

7:48 AM: My cell phone vibrates. I assume it’s Avon, calling to tell me about something he forgot. It’s the mechanic. They’ve looked at my car and estimate $700 in car repairs. Great.I had every intention to make a transfer to my savings account and finally achieve Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step #1 ($1000). But these repairs just might set me back to $0. I sit down with my bowl of bacon and eggs (all of the dishes are in the sink…again) and let out a heavy sigh.

7:49 AM: I shoot a text to a friend of mine who I knew would understand my frustration. She replies, “On the bright side, you can cash flow it instead of putting it on a credit card and that’s a huge win!” Yeah, I guess there is a bright side to this. But it still sucks.

7:50 AM: I call Avon to vent and get his opinion on the repair estimate. He said it sounded a bit high and suggested I call around to find a better deal. Excited about the possibilities of saving money, I promised to call him back and promptly hung up.

8:00 AM: I call Avon back with the results: a $14 and one day difference. There’s one more mechanic some friends of ours recommended, but their shop doesn’t open until 10 AM. I hang up with Avon again and call the mechanic who has my car to confirm that if I gave him the go ahead later that morning, he would still be able to fix the car today. He said yes. I’m excited. I just might save some money after all!

9:30 AM: I stayed on the phone with Avon until he got to work. While we made small talk, because I truly don’t know what more two people who live together could possibly have to say to each other, I review my finances. Since money was on my mind, I decided to look over my finances. I download and fill out a debt reduction calculator. I have a long way to go, but I’m optimistic.

I take a moment to appreciate how far I’ve come in a short time. I started therapy last June and Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University in December. Today, I relied on both to maintain my composure and it worked! I feel good.

9:42 AM: I transfer the load of laundry I started this morning from the washer to the dryer on my way to the shower. Come on productivity!

10:00 AM: Great news! The mechanic can do the repairs today for half the cost the others quoted! Yippee! I arrange to have the car towed from the current mechanic to my new hero and go about the rest of my day. Ii roll into my skincare routine. I can’t wait until I’m done with this toner. I never liked it but I willed myself to use it. I can’t wait to try the Klairs toner.

11:00 AM: Now that I’m showered, dressed and lifted the weight from my shoulders, I’m really ready to start the day. But what should I do first? Should I clean up the kitchen? Maybe the bedroom? Bean’s room?

11:03 AM: I decided to start with the kitchen. But now, what should I watch? Catch up with my favorite YouTubers? Manifest? Fyre on Netflix? I’ll go with Manifest. Avon and I watched Fyre Fest on Hulu and I know he wants to see the Netflix version too.

11:15 AM: Called one of my oldest friends for her birthday. One of my New Yeas’ resolutions is to call my loved ones on their birthday, instead of sending a text or posting it on Facebook. Last year, I realized how much more connected I felt to my friends and family, even though we were all hundreds of miles away from each other. I really want to keep that going.

12:15 PM: The dishes are done and my car is en route to the affordable mechanic. Now, to move on to tidying up the living room, starting with the load of freshly laundered clothes I dumped on the couch this morning.

12:30 PM: Turns out, I’m three episodes behind in Manifest, but the episode I watched barely held my attention. It was enough to distract me from folding the laundry though! But now, here we are. I decide to watch some KonMari method videos to see if I can KonMari these clothes.

12:35 PM: Maybe it would be easier to DM Marie Kondo and invite her over to KonMari my apartment for me.

12:45 PM: Three KonMari videos later, I turn the TV off and decide to tackle Bean’s room, which needs the most work.

12:46 PM: Also, I’m hungry.

1:00 PM: Bean had an accident yesterday and threw the wet clothes into his hamper. The stench is awful. What does Mari Kondo say about smells? Can I throw the hamper and everything in it out? Because it’s definitely not bringing me joy right now.

4:15 PM: Whew! I just finished Bean’s bedroom. What started as tidying up turned into a deep clean, complete with rearranging furniture, hanging clothes and folding clothes KonMari style! I found a helpful guide online and practiced folding while I chatted with Avon, who was on a break at work. I showed him the row of neatly folded jeans standing up in the drawer and joked that all I needed were some boxes. I remembered some photo boxes in Bean’s closet and replaced its contents with Bean’s little jeans. They fit! I was so pleased with how tidy his drawer looked. I’m definitely going to get some drawer boxes.

4:45 PM: Still sitting on the couch, finally catching up with Iyanla Fix My Life. I have to start dinner. I kind of want McDonald’s.

5:50 PM: Avon’s home! And he brought McDonald’s!

8:45 PM: We picked up Bean and finally picked up my car after a hellish experience. There was some miscommunication and a terrifying moment where I thought my car had been stolen and abandoned. Thankfully, it all worked out in the end and my car runs better than ever. For half the price! The mechanic was a really nice guy and a former Financial Peace University instructor. We had a great chat about Dave Ramsey and I learned that he funded his business with very little debt thanks to FPU. Talk about inspiring! I’ll definitely be a regular patron there!

9:00 PM: Avon is giving Bean a bath. I can hear him rushing and I’m smiling to myself because I know it’s not because Bean is up way past his bedtime. We’ve got a cozy evening in front of the fireplace planned. Even though its warmer outside than its been in the last several days, Avon is insisting on lighting a fire and well, I’m not complaining.

That concludes my day off! Let me know how you spend a day off below!


  • Nelly

    I loved this. Sounds like you had a very eventful day on your hands. Glad you were able to get a better quote on the car and save some money. I’m working on my finances too and working on doing Dave Ramsey’s steps. I listen to his podcasts and I have his book. I need this year to be my delivert year, I know its going to take some time but I need to not live paycheck to paycheck before we buy a home.

    • Tramayne

      We’re doing the Financial Peace University course online. I thought it would be helpful, but seven lessons in, it’s become essential. I didn’t realize how little I knew about money! We’ve talked about sharing a review of the course together on YouTube and I’ve thought about sharing my progress on the blog. Let me know if you think that would be helpful and I’ll work on it!

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