What Christmas Means to Me

When I was a kid, Christmas meant watching my mother intensely to make sure that she didn’t scrape the bowl full of cake batter clean. I always wanted to eat the leftover batter by the wooden spoonful, instead of licking it from my fingers. It meant studying the commercials in between my favorite television programs to catch the latest in toys and gadgets. It meant telling my sister when I saw the Fruity Pebbles and Hess commercials. Those were our telltale signs that it was Christmastime. It meant spending Christmas Eve enjoying a marathon of holiday themed cartoons before being rushed to bed. My parents didn’t encourage us to believe in Santa, but that didn’t stop them from sending us off, looking longingly underneath the empty tree and waking us up to piles of gifts stacked high around our tree. Those were the days!

But now that I’m an adult or at least, pretending to be one, it’s harder to get into the Christmas spirit. Between holiday shopping, holiday parties and still managing my day to day life, I’m already exhausted and Christmas is still three weeks away! I miss the simpler days, when I worried less about overspending and more about spending time with the cousins I looked forward to playing with after dinner. Somewhere along the road to adulthood, I lost the meaning of Christmas and this season, I intend to find it.

My intention is to recreate the simple joy, connection and love from my younger years with my little family and everyone I encounter this season. I Because that’s what Christmas has always meant to me.

What does Christmas mean to you? Tell me below!

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